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"Domination Quest vol.2" New dungeon added!

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Domination Quest vol.2
-The Red and Black Beetles-

Has been released!!



Character Popularity Poll Results

Here are the results of the popularity poll for all characters, conducted between February 28th and March 26th in the year 2023.

Character Popularity Poll
RankNameVote Count
1Isari / Water dragon girl82
2Olga / Yeti girl81
3Momo / Ass Queen64
4Nine-tail / Nine-taled fox58
5Asuka / Ass fairy53
6Suzuka / Giant Oni girl48
7Millie & Marie35
8Monica / Frog girl33
9Rain / Siren girl27
10Freya / Fire dragon girl26
RankNameVote Count
11Treant girl25
11Pamela / Lamia25
11Mio / Dark slime girl25
12Haku / Nue girl22
13Greta / Golem girl19
14Helen / Cow girl18
14Rachel / Jewelry girl18
14Eleanora / Jellyfish girl18
15Becky / Groundbat girl16
16Lilith / Succubus15
17Shiro / Draconic Succubus14
17Kurona / Cat girl14
17Melanie / Doll girl14
17Janellyn / Draconic Succubus14
18Blossom / Flower girl13
19Brenda / Ghost master12
19Marcia / Silk moth girl12
20Marine / Nymph10
20Ginka / Snow wolf girl10
20Evelyn / Baphomet girl10
21Clara / Armored slime girl9
22Ashley / Zombie girl8
22Mami / Raccoon dog girl8
23Pansy / Gargoyle girl7
23Vanessa / Dragonewt girl7
23Snow / Snow queen7
24Julie / Goblin girl6
24Ann / Dog girl6
24Cindy / Slug girl6
24Layla / Deathscythe girl6
24Tina / Dullahan girl6
24Asteria / Mystic eye lady6
25Chacha / Rabbit girl5
25Bridget / Vampiress5
25Alice / Dark fairy girl5
25Mimiko / Mimic girl5
26Slara / Slime girl4
26Shima / Mushroom girl4
26Nadia / Carnivorous plant girl4
26Clarissa / Ghost girl4
26Lynda / Clam Girl4
27Anna / Orc girl3
27Mui / Draconic larva girl3
28Bella / Hagmermaid2
28karin / Ghost Karin2
29Ren / Ranger elf girl1
29Gitoda / Giant worm girl1
29Isabel / Octopus girl1
29Marl / Armadillo girl1
29Mai / Akaname girl1

I want to see more H-scenes! Character Poll
RankNameVote Count
1Isari / Water dragon girl109L size first place
1Olga / Yeti girl109L size first place
2Suzuka / Giant Oni girl100
3Treant girl97
4Millie & Marie95
5Momo / Ass Queen94
6Asuka / Ass fairy71
7Monica / Frog girl70M size first place
8Nine-tail / Nine-taled fox68S size first place
9Mio / Dark slime girl66
10Freya / Fire dragon girl60
10Rain / Siren girl60
RankNameVote Count
11Pamela / Lamia58
12Greta / Golem girl50
13Helen / Cow girl40
14Rachel / Jewelry girl38
14Eleanora / Jellyfish girl38
15Janellyn / Draconic Succubus36
16Haku / Nue girl35
17Kurona / Cat girl32
18Marcia / Silk moth girl31
19Becky / Groundbat girl28
20Shiro / Draconic Succubus27
20Melanie / Doll girl27
21Marine / Nymph26
22Evelyn / Baphomet girl25
23Clara / Armored slime girl24
24Vanessa / Dragonewt girl23
25Blossom / Flower girl21
25Mami / Raccoon dog girl21
26Brenda / Ghost master19
27Bridget / Vampiress18
27Asteria / Mystic eye lady18
27Snow / Snow queen18
28Cindy / Slug girl17
28karin / Ghost Karin17
29Chacha / Rabbit girl16
29Pansy / Gargoyle girl16
30Ginka / Snow wolf girl15
30Alice / Dark fairy girl15
31Shima / Mushroom girl14
31Gitoda / Giant worm girl14
32Lynda / Clam Girl13
32Mimiko / Mimic girl13
33Ashley / Zombie girl12
33Bella / Hagmermaid12
34Layla / Deathscythe girl11
35Nadia / Carnivorous plant girl10
36Anna / Orc girl9
36Ann / Dog girl9
37Mui / Draconic larva girl8
37Tina / Dullahan girl8
37Mai / Akaname girl8
38Slara / Slime girl7
38Clarissa / Ghost girl7
39Ren / Ranger elf girl6
39Marl / Armadillo girl6
40Julie / Goblin girl5
41Isabel / Octopus girl1

Currently, we are planning to produce a short story-like work that uses Live2D animations and voices in which the top characters of "I want to see more H-scenes! Character Poll" appear. To avoid focusing solely on large-sized characters, we will first start with the top characters in each size category: "Isari" (L-size), "Olga" (L-size), "Monika" (M-size), and "Nine-taled"(S-size). After that, it is still undecided.

About Domination Quest

This is an RPG to take wild monster girls into your party on your adventure.
The protagonist, Kuro, is a boy of a rare race called "Dominator" that has the power to control monster girls.
He had lived peacefully with an albino succubus girl named Shiro in a house deep in a forest, but one day that lifestyle had to end, necessitated to set out on a journey as an adventurer.
There are a variety of game features. For example: unique passive skills activated with higher "Trust" with allies, "Gem Combining System"(crafting weapons), a mini game like an obstacle race etc.
"Domination Quest" is a quarter-view orthodox RPG supporting keyboard, gamepad and mouse input.
* The maps are rendered in 3D. Requires a PC adequate for 3D games.

HEO, M@:RIO, X TIA, Koniro, Nunosuke, Yuto Hoshino, Moyashiudon, Muroku, Aki Kokageno
Pixel Art
Pipoya, Un Almacen
Planning and Production
Aki Kokageno
Supported OS
[Windows] 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 [Android] 5.0 or later
Japanese / English

* The symbol following the name is the character's size.
S: About the same size or smaller than a human.
M: About 2~3 times larger than a human.
L: Massively larger than any human.

Monster Girls (Many others will appear as well.)

* Click on an image to view a larger version.
[Dark fairy girl] S
A fairy who uses dark magic. Her power depends on where she's staying.
[Dragonic larva girl] S
Her mouth is constructed in an unusual way, allowing her to swallow large objects. She lives in a secluded forest, which she never leaves.
[Snow wolf girl] S
A wolf living on Spirit Mountain. She is very fast and very strong in a fight.
[Dullahan girl] S
The body and head are separate and apparently each have their own will. An all-rounder capable of anything.
[Akaname girl] S
She has three long tongues, which she uses in her own unique fighting style.
[Nue girl] S
Her snake-like tail is able to devour humans. She fights with lightning attacks.
[Armored slime girl] S
A high level slime girl who has armored herself. She can fly and use water magic.
[Silk moth girl] M
Her body is large, but she is weak. She can make threads and use healing magic. Her large breasts are full of sweet milk.
[Shellfish girl] M
A huge bivalve. She is greedy and craves meat. Very dangerous if captured.
[Ass Queen] L
An unusual specimen even among ass fairies. Her magic allows her to completely revive the dead. She has apparently been imprisoned somewhere for her powers.
[Siren girl] L
Using a mysterious song she draws animals to herself, which she then devours. Her eggs are said to be delicious.