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日本語(Japanese) | English

Demon Angel SAKURA vol.4
-The World of SAKURA-

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Demon Angel SAKURA vol.4 -The World of SAKURA-
(PC version)
(Android version)

Character voiceIno Sakura, Koko Umemiya, Mana Arikawa, Minami Natsume, Shiki Hanemura, Yuka Kanematsu, Yuri Konami
Sound effectsCodama ProductionTaira Komoriotonomori
GraphicsAki, kika, Nunosuke, Umeazuki, X TIA
Planning, story, script, etcAki

For more information about the setting and related topics, please refer to the previous titles, under "Story".
 日本語(Japanese) | English

The guardian of the power of fire, born from the fires of Hell. Though she never leaves her volcano, she is widely known as the most powerful monster in Hell. Those seeking the power of fire must first face her, but as there is nobody who could beat her in a fair fight she offers each challenger a test on their own level.

Previous Queen of the White Land and mother to Carla and Sakura. When an abrupt catastrophe, the "Great Sundering" ravaged the lands 10 years ago... she sacrificed herself to suppress the damage and protect her family.

She claims to be the queen of Hell. Daughter of Camilla, the queen of the White Land (deceased). Her true identity is the real sister of Sakura. She has studied with Emily the magician in the past, and is good at item production. Reunited with Sakura who came to Hell, she is sheltered in Maya, a hot springs village.

The queen of Heaven. She has an all-encompassing aura about her, and many angels look up to her in Heaven. She commanded Sakura to go to Hell.

Sakura, Kuroha, Kazari
The protagonist. A boy who has the characteristics of both an angel and a demon. He is the only angel in existence who is unaffected by the Hell Element. He lived in Heaven until he went to Hell on the order of Anastasia, the queen of Heaven. During his journey an incident occurred that prevents him from returning to Heaven. He was capable of using both Divine Arts and Demonic Arts, but currently he can use Divine Arts only rarely.

Sort of a sister to Sakura. She is actually a reflection of Sakura created by the forbidden mirror. Her true body exists within Sakura's heart. Her physical form is maintained by Sakura's arts, and she cannot maintain her presence if Sakura is asleep, unconscious or exhausted. When this happens she retreats to the flipside of Sakura's heart, and Sakura is unable to communicate with her anymore.
A wind spirit living in Heaven (to be exact, she is a being created by the "Wind Spirits"). Worried about Sakura who does not return from his journey to Hell, she also departs for Hell in order to rescue Sakura. The Hell Element eroded her mind and she was on the brink of disappearing when she was reunited with Sakura. Kazari is aware that she was on the verge of death, and she asked Sakura to absorb her to be merged with his soul.

A girl which lived in the Rabbit Tribe that Sakura once stayed. She feels grievance over Sakura's being blamed for a monster attack and driven out of the Rabbit Village. As her life was once saved by Sakura she would like to be of assistance to her in some way.
[Fire kangaroo]
A kangaroo which has a flame on its tail, living in the volcano. It attacks with punches. Once you get caught and trapped in its stomach pocket, your body gets shrunk and absorbed by it.
[Flower wheel]
A mystic flower floating in the air in the humid forest. It is blind but hunts the targets with their smell. It eats anything that moves which it can put in its mouth.
[Onsen Slime]
This is a tepid slime that lives in the onsen area. It excretes a scent that attracts males, and the slime will lure its prey toward itself and then devour it.
[Snow rabbit]
A rabbit living in the snowy field. It usually hides in the snow, but when males approach, it attacks them in order to breed. It has a habit of marking its scent on its favorite male.
A giant living in the rocky mountains. The ground rumbles and shakes when it walks. If you carelessly approach it, it steps on you or makes you its plaything.

History and Data

You can re-download the latest version of the game via the website you purchased it from. To transfer your save data, copy the ""save"" folder (located in the same directory as the game's .exe file) from the old version's folder and paste it into the new version's folder.

[Extra] contents section 100% unlock data

If you feel that completing the game will not be possible for you, please use this data.
After extracting the downloaded file, Please put the "global.dat" file in the "save" folder of the folder containing the game exe file. If there is already a file called "global_backup.dat" in the game folder, please delete it.
If there is no "save" folder, please create it.

  • global_extra_complete.zip
    This file will only unlock the [Extra] contents section. It will not trigger the game cleared state so time attack mode will not be unlocked.

  • global_full_complete.zip
    This file will unlock the [Extra] contents section and trigger the game cleared state.

  • ver Published.
  • Fixing misrepresentations etc.
  • (Android) We have fixed a bug where on certain devices the game would crash due to insufficient memory. As a result the game's overall performance has improved.
  • (Android) Even so, for devices that still experience poor performance, we have implemented a setting that allows users to play pre-rendered MP4 videos in game during certain scenes rather than rendering those scenes in real time. This setting can be toggled ON & OFF.

  • ver Published.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Fine tuning the performance of some attacks.

  • ver Published.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the screen to become strange at the last boss battle occurred in ver

  • ver Published.
  • Fixed bug that flare scene 2 could not be seen from "Extra".
  • Improvement of processing speed.
  • ver Published.
  • Added the function to automatically upload the result of time attack.
  • ver Published.
  • The story has been completed.
  • Weak monsters on the snow level and 3 new bosses have been added.
  • When you continue after getting a game over during a boss fight, the items that you used during battle are likewise replenished.
  • ver published.
  • In regards to the English version; we fixed the bug causing Flare's voice to not playback.
  • ver published.
  • Fixed a bug when Caterpillar Girl was swallowed while riding Cobona.
  • ver published.
  • Fixed a bug that Sakura shifted horizontally when changing option characters during rush of Cobona.
  • ver published.