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Demon Angel SAKURA -The forbidden mirror-

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Demon Angel Sakura -The forbidden mirror-

【Demon Angel SAKURA】
This is an action game about being swallowed whole, giant girls and battling monster girl bosses. It is intended for people of 18 years or older.

Compatible models: Windows, MacOSX, Android (4.0 or newer)

Circle nameKokage no Izumi
GraphicsAki, Riu
Character voiceIno Sakura
Planning, story, script, etc Aki
Sound effectsCodama Production, Taira Komori, otonomori

 日本語(Japanese) | English

In the vast emptiness known as the World Ovary, two adjoining worlds float. They are known as heaven and hell. The worlds are connected by a gate. However, their atmospheres are suffused with substances known as Heaven Element and Hell Element. To inhabitants of the opposite world, these are poison, so there is little interaction between the worlds.

The place is Heaven. The "forbidden mirror" has been stolen by invaders from Hell. Queen Anastasia summons Sakura, who is the only angel who isn't affected by the Hell Element, and commands him to retrieve the mirror. However...