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Demon Angel SAKURA -The forbidden mirror-

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Demon Angel Sakura -The forbidden mirror-

【Demon Angel SAKURA】
This is an action game about being swallowed whole, giant girls and battling monster girl bosses. It is intended for people of 18 years or older.

Compatible models: Windows, MacOSX, Android (7.0 or newer)

Circle nameKokage no Izumi
GraphicsAki, Riu
Character voiceIno Sakura, Yum Akatsuki, Hiyori Usami
Planning, story, script, etc Aki
Sound effectsCodama Production, Taira Komori, otonomori

 日本語(Japanese) | English

Graphic: Riu Voice:Ino Sakura
There is a boy who has the characteristics of both an angel and a demon. He is the only angel in existence who is unaffected by the Hell Element. Because he has the characteristics of a demon, he felt rather inferior living in Heaven, which may be why he has an obedient personality.

Graphic: Riu
The queen of Heaven. She has an all-encompassing aura about her, and many angels look up to her. She commands Sakura to travel to Hell to find the "forbidden mirror". But what is her true motive...?

Graphic: Riu Voice:Hiyori Usami
A wind spirit living in Heaven (actually, she is a being created by wind spirits). She is utterly disinterested in other people, and doesn't defer to queen Anastasia in the least. The only exception is Sakura, to whom she has formed an unusual attachment. Since she is a spirit form she is both corporeal and not, and she can become one with the wind at will. Still, she almost always stays in her corporeal form.